Control your time automates repetitive tasks on Twitter. Let the cat do the dirty work for you.
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Automated actions

Notice how your brand grows without effort. does it for you.

Get followers

The best way to get followers in twitter. Effortless and painless. automatically follows users using relevant terms and unfollows them if they don´t follow you back.

Care for your followers

By the press of a button, will like all tweets mentioning your screename. This way no tweet will be left unanswered, and your followers will appreciate the gesture.

Go ahead

Create answers, retweets and follows to be sent just as someone mentions a relevant term for your brand.

Your tweets, on due time

Schedule your tweets to be sent just when you need it. Regardless of the time and date, does not rest .

Multiple Accounts

You can manage as many Twitter accounts as you need. Every time something relevant to your brand happens somewhere, will notify it to you.

iOS & Android

We are cross-platform. Your account will be available in both Android and Apple devices.

In detail

Nothing escapes

You'll get maximum control of your community with minimal effort.

Content generation

Automatically tweet news from your RSS Feeds. Several options are included to customize your news.

Simplified feedback

The app includes a log that allows you to observe automatically performed actions very easily.

Multilanguage App

All app texts are translated into multiple languages. ( Including the help section )